The Year to Give Thanks

We have a lot to be thankful for this year, taking a large leap and fulfilling a dream. Some of it was well-orchestrated, some just pure, blind good fortune. All of it leaving us with a feeling of satisfaction, contentment, and joy that we are here in this beautiful place.

There is a past and a present for us now, with a focus on the friends we hold dear from before and the new friends we have here. We couldn’t foresee that it would be so easy to become part of this place and we require a frequent “pinch” to remind us of our good fortune. Life really does happen for a reason, but sometimes it takes some dreaming to make it happen.

We are thankful for the simple things, the lovely people, and the opportunity we have been given to make a change in our lives. Mostly, we are thankful for each other and our shared commitment to finding all that is rewarding and important.