Simplicity. Serenity. Sincerity.

This is Magenta Plum. Inspiration from a time that was sweet and simple, when the world was everything else, home and family were comforting and serene, questions were thoughtful and sincere. Hopefully you will be inspired to give to others and be good to yourself while finding all that is simple, serene and sincere.

Whidbey Island Marketplace

We invite you to explore the Whidbey Island Marketplace, a collection of unique items inspired by our surroundings and created with love.

Path to Present Blog

Many paths brought us to this moment, and we invite you to follow along as we explore life in the Pacific Northwest.

The Road Less Traveled

“I always get where I’m going by walking away from where I’ve been.” — Winnie the Pooh They say to take the road less traveled. I’m not sure Interstate 5 qualifies, but that’s where we found ourselves in spring 2022, beginning a multi-day, three-state drive to Whidbey Island, Washington. Months of epic planning had brought […]

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Where the Stars are Shining

It approached dusk and the daylight started to fade. With the recent memory of a delicious, warm meal of shrimp and clams on my mind and the melodic sound of the car wheels on the road, I sensed myself being softly lulled to sleep. Staring out the window, listening to Bruce Springsteen’s ballad to the […]

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A Familial Connection

My ancestors immigrated to Whidbey Island in the late 1850s. Taking circuitous routes from their native Ireland, through the Australian continent, to the shores of North America, they came from modest backgrounds with the little they brought with them. These were gritty, resolute people, determined to make a go of it in a new land. […]

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A Formidable Place

My breath fogged up in front of me as I left the warmth of the car. The heavy raincoat I was wearing was no match for the morning and did little to stop my shivering. Traipsing through the wet grass, I made my way past the leaves and pinecones, acutely aware of my shoes absorbing […]

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