Simplicity. Serenity. Sincerity.

This is Magenta Plum. Inspiration from a time that was sweet and simple, when the world was everything else, home and family were comforting and serene, questions were thoughtful and sincere. Hopefully you will be inspired to give to others and be good to yourself while finding all that is simple, serene and sincere.

Path to Present Blog

Many paths brought us to this moment, and we invite you to follow along as we explore life in the Pacific Northwest.

Idyllic Thoughts

We recently returned from a vacation to an idyllic place. Such a trip allows for retrospection and fresh ideas. This trip gave us even more. We met up with friends who gave our time there meaning and an enhanced awareness of who we are and why we travel. We met them many years ago while […]

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A Mysterious Resting Place

It sits off the road—settled in the trees, about a mile from downtown Langley. You might miss it if you didn’t know it was there. The entryway is nondescript, matching the peacefulness that permeates the neighborhood. We spent over a year on the island without knowing a cemetery was nestled in the forest behind the […]

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A Dusty Nod to the Past

Meet Larry. With two different colored glass eyes, askew on opposite sides of his small head, he stares out at the world from his humble perch. He’s not glamorous, but maintains a sense of dignity. We first met Larry at an antique store in Anacortes. Lined up on a high shelf with other antiques, it […]

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Cheers to a New Year

A new year. New adventures. New people to meet. We still love it here in our new home. As we take stock of 2023, we have an extensive list of people we are thankful for, things we are proud of, how we have taken steps to care for others and our planet, and the causes […]

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At One with the Current

The day glistened, with light dancing off Penn Cove’s deep blue waters. It was a cool afternoon on Whidbey Island, but the sun’s rays penetrated through the calm. Out on the water, looking at the rolling hills and tree lined land off in the distance, I couldn’t help but think of Grace. Grace, who set […]

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It Feels Good to be Back

An early morning excursion brings us to the Coupeville ferry terminal, waiting for the next available transport off-island. Having passed the palatial farm estates and rolling fields along Ebey’s Landing, we drive by the glassy water of the National Historic Reserve. Driftwood and large rocks dot the shoreline, and the cool, misty morning conveys a […]

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