Simplicity. Serenity. Sincerity.

This is Magenta Plum. Inspiration from a time that was sweet and simple, when the world was everything else, home and family were comforting and serene, questions were thoughtful and sincere. Hopefully you will be inspired to give to others and be good to yourself while finding all that is simple, serene and sincere.

Whidbey Island Marketplace

We invite you to explore the Whidbey Island Marketplace, a collection of unique items inspired by our surroundings and created with love.

Path to Present Blog

Many paths brought us to this moment, and we invite you to follow along as we explore life in the Pacific Northwest.

The Past Amidst the Present

The forest drives never fail to take my breath away. The raw beauty that surrounds the roads is something I rarely experienced in suburban Southern California. Weekend drives were usually spent going coastal or to the mountains, with the surrounding landscape a desert chaparral, filled with dark brown and grey hues. On Whidbey Island, the […]

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The Gravity of it

Originally from Ireland, unique circumstances brought my fourth great grandparents Francis and Grace (née Mullen) McCrohan to Australia and its New South Wales penal colony in the 1830s. Their daughter, my third great grandmother Elizabeth, was born in Australia and married her Irish husband Thomas Nunan there. By 1858, circumstances had changed and Francis and […]

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One Dream. One Family. One Year.

We did it and we are celebrating! Our first year in this beautiful place has yielded new opportunities, new friends and a renewed view on life. What was once important has been replaced with a focus on working to live, enjoying our environment and setting goals related to our impact on this community. We are […]

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An Island in Bloom

A yellow film coats everything, from the outside of the car to the windowsill. It blankets the driveway as a visible snow, floating lightly to the ground. Springtime and summer in the Pacific Northwest couldn’t be more different than Southern California. For those who are allergy-prone, this means bracing yourself for all that the seasons […]

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Steely Beauty

The first time I can remember crossing it, I was in awe. When I was little, I crossed over it many times and my mom would retell its story and the importance of it, just like her father did for her. I just never really focused on it as a child. It took on new […]

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Ode to Berenice

Grandma Bernie was the only grandparent I ever knew. She had a wicked sense of humor and loved me because I was her beloved son’s daughter. My earliest memory of her is a trip to Disneyland with my dad grumbling at my grandma because her footwear for the day was completely inappropriate. That was Bernie […]

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