And the Rain Begins

It has been raining every day…and every night. And we are happy about every drop. To us, this means climate change doesn’t have quite so much control over our existence. It means we are having some semblance of typical seasonal weather. It allows our environment to be refreshed and regenerated. It gives us hope that the beauty we live in will go on.

Then there’s our produce garden. All of it is saying the season of growth is coming to an end. Nothing wants to ripen, everything wants to wilt, and all of it looks just a little bit sad. Just what do we do with hard green tomatoes? Composting seems like the answer. A little like paying it forward into next year’s garden.

The fall equinox was just a few days ago. Prior to that day we were wearing t-shirts on our evening walks. Ever since, warm coats. In the short time we have lived here, we have learned to adjust to the seasons, embrace the changes, appreciate the weather and anticipate the next beautiful day—whatever it may bring. This place makes us happy and we realize it’s because of the beauty that surrounds us.

The dream became a reality and now the dream is merely our way of life here, complete with the lessons we have learned on the way. Most important lesson—always keep a coat in the car!