Where the Stars are Shining

It approached dusk and the daylight started to fade. With the recent memory of a delicious, warm meal of shrimp and clams on my mind and the melodic sound of the car wheels on the road, I sensed myself being softly lulled to sleep. Staring out the window, listening to Bruce Springsteen’s ballad to the western stars, my eyes suddenly filled with tears.

This was where the next adventure would start. After a scouting mission to Whidbey Island in October 2021, the dream took one more step towards reality. After decades calling San Diego home, my family was beginning the trek north, to the cooler, wetter and lush environment of the Pacific Northwest. That’s not to say with a snap of our fingers we’d be there, but the wheels were in motion. Quite literally.

Looking intently out the car window, the warmth of my breath fogged up the cool glass. Despite this, the clear sky and brilliant stars started to take on the majesty of nighttime peacefulness. This was home now. A sense of excitement and fear filled my body. Change is scary, but new opportunities abound.