A Birthday Gift

Happy birthday Dad. I’m here! It took a while, but life got in the way. It’s been a very good life with a loving family.

The dream of coming here began to form years ago when you would tell me about your childhood and the beauty and peacefulness of this place. I knew if it meant that much to you, it would be somewhere I could be content. You wanted to come back but couldn’t. I feel I am making that happen for you.

You have three beautiful granddaughters, all happy, successful and filled with my memories of you. For them, this place has great significance. It’s where “Grandpa Larry” is from. It’s where all the relatives going back generations have lived and thrived. It is now our home.

We are learning more about those who were here before us. When we drive down hidden roads, we envision the homes and barns and gardens and the simplicity of life here. We actually feel the presence of Thomas, Elizabeth, Katie, Alice, George, Bernie, Margie, and our other hard working and strong-willed Irish ancestors. We are filled with a sense of pride and respect for what they did to pave the way for us.

So, here we are on your birthday knowing you are pleased we are here and enjoying our adventure as much as we are. Our birthday gift to you!