Adventure is Calling

With the winding road taking us through dense forest, we caught occasional glimpses of sparkling blue just beyond. Hidden for most of the journey, it was only as we were right upon it that it came into view — Lake Crescent. At the foothills of the Olympic Mountain range, nestled within the peninsula, this glacially carved lake is frozen in time. Formed by a landslide thousands of years ago, this isolated destination is surrounded by low-lying mountains, which only add to the intrigue of this place. With water devoid of algae, on a sunny day it perfectly reflects the blue sky and towering mountains that form the perimeter of this oasis.

Only thirty minutes outside Port Angeles, Lake Crescent feels otherworldly. As the short drive took us through small suburbs, we witnessed the gradual change in the landscape. From flat farmland to the sloping elevation of the foothills, it is a beautiful drive, one made even more spectacular with the changing leaves of fall and winter.

Traveling along the Olympic Highway, the 1915 landmark Lake Crescent Lodge was completely obscured by the towering fir and hemlock trees. Pulling onto a circuitous pathway, it was only after parking and walking towards the water that we saw the light green building nestled among the trees. With multi-paned windows, an enclosed porch, and a wood paneled interior and roaring fire, I could almost imagine President Franklin Roosevelt contemplating the creation of the Olympic National Park here.

After a year of life changes — from selling our Southern California house to starting over in a new state — the trip to Lake Crescent seemed auspicious. We have always been a close family, gathering for major life milestones and holidays. We experience life together — connected by our love for one another and the joy we feel in our shared memories. Seeing this hidden gem as a family was a spiritual experience. It was rejuvenating and calming. As we enter the holiday season, with shorter days, colder temperatures, and anticipated snow, these new adventures and memories ground us even more. While our holidays tend to be small, with modest traditions, the constant through everything is our desire to adventure together. Trips like Lake Crescent serve as a guidepost, allowing us to make new memories, establish new traditions, and take that step forward in our new adventure.