Living Without Plastic

I try to live a purposeful life. To me this means making my personal relationships a priority, maintaining good health, focusing on business goals, and doing my part to be environmentally diligent. The latter is important to me and relates to all elements of my purposeful living. One of my greatest concerns is the effect discarded plastic has on our environment. I try to consider my actions and be cognizant of what I do and how I do it.

I’ve learned to ask questions and consider all options when it comes to how I live. I don’t just accept what is presented to me. I think about how I can do something differently with an eye on sustainability and the future. With this in mind, I’ve been trying for years to reduce my use of plastic, but still feel I come up short in many ways. It is almost impossible to eliminate all plastic in your life. Many people have tried, documented their efforts, and come back to the reality that reduction is possible, elimination is not. Treating the use of plastics like a habit that needs to be broken is a philosophy shared by more and more consumers.

I don’t just accept what is presented to me. I think about how I can do something differently and with an eye on sustainability and the future.

The first step to breaking the plastic habit is to identify the plastic in your life and decide how you can do without it. Small steps and a lot of soul searching should get you started. Unfortunately, plastic is almost everywhere and the elimination of single-use and other plastic is not solely up to the consumer. Manufacturers need to change how they produce and package products and government must create some very persuasive legislation. The consumer should not be made to bear sole responsibility if alternatives are not readily available.

So, faced with the fact that plastic is overwhelming our landfills and oceans and recycling is not always practical or even available, think about the things you can do to break the plastic habit and create a purposeful lifestyle without plastic. The Green Education Foundation has published a list of tips for using less plastic. Everything from plastic water bottles to disposable razors! The list can be found here.

Personally, I have tackled many, but not all of the suggestions. And I can honestly say I have not suffered or felt like I am not able to have the things I need and want. Focusing on being plastic free does require research, deep thought, and a few extra minutes in the grocery store aisle. All elements of being more purposeful!