When I was young, I wanted to be Laura Ingalls. I basically had her Little House series books memorized by age ten. No matter where she and her family lived, what they lived in, or what they had, their home was comforting and comfortable. Ma would prepare simple meals and Pa would play the fiddle. According to Laura, “Home is the nicest word there is.”

I was recently intrigued by a piece in the New York Times “How to Create a Serene Home.” Reading it inspired me to reevaluate my home and contemplate if it really is a serene, relaxing oasis. As this piece shares, it’s not just about cleaning or disposing of belongings. Creating a comfortable space with appealing colors and the right amount of light, all possible on a low or no budget, can make home a place where you want to be.

Open the windows, bake an apple pie, play music, encourage conversation, and laugh. In other words, live like the Ingalls family!

Check out the New York Times piece. I think you too will find some inspiration!