Halloween is Inspiring!

I say this often, probably too often. I don’t like Halloween. The holiday of scary, gory images and candy has always left me glad when it’s over. I was never inspired as a kid either. Maybe I liked the candy a little bit!

So, in an effort to be less annoyingly repetitive and find some good about Halloween, I did some soul searching (and googling) to see if I can overcome my distaste.

Apparently there are a few good reasons to celebrate Halloween. One is the annual coming together of communities to perform the ritual of dressing up and giving out candy and basically giving back to each other. It’s a good thing; social connections make us happier and kinder. Really, who doesn’t appreciate the neighbor’s adorable tiny daughter dressed up as a pink princess, overcoming her shyness and quietly reciting the traditional give me candy phrase.

There is also the element of make believe and it can be fun and fulfilling for kids. It can also help alleviate fears and help children grow emotionally. As for your very grown up neighbor and their creepy costume and demeanor while disguised in said costume, they never really grew up!

Personally, I do have one thing I like about Halloween – it signals the onset of fall and the other not disturbing and very wonderful holidays to follow.

This Halloween I will buy organic candy and turn on my porch light and answer the door and be friendly and appreciate the cute ghosts and princesses and give them all of the candy. Because when the bewitching hour approaches and the big kids come out, I will turn off my porch light and hide! Cheers to Halloween!