Fast Fashion on My Mind-Part Two

I previously wrote about fashion and its negative environmental impact. Simply put, fast fashion is cheaply produced clothing sold to consumers seeking the latest trends. When we buy cheap clothing, we more readily discard it, and then we buy more.

Consider defining your budget, refining your style, and buying clothes that make you feel good and support sustainability. Dress for success and a sincere expression of the real you!

You don’t need to spend a lot to put together a thoughtful, classic wardrobe. Buying a few pieces over time will help you to create a wardrobe that shows you feel good about yourself. Maintaining your clothing will become a priority with proper cleaning, repairs and storage. You’ll be less likely to dispose of your clothing if it looks good.

I have been looking for retailers that sell sustainably and ethically made quality clothing. Here are some of my findings. The prices may be a bit more, but better to buy one fabulous item and keep it forever, then buy a half dozen that you don’t keep.

Eileen Fisher – Clothing and accessories range from casual to work appropriate. All products are thoughtfully sourced and produced. A big plus with this retailer is the online display of separates that enables you to pick items that work well together.

Cuyana – This apparel is seriously classic and also produced responsibly. My favorite items are the sweaters and outerwear.

Everlane – This retailer offers more casual, relaxed apparel. The shoes are amazing!

Once you identify your means and needs, shopping for clothing can be fun and rewarding. Keep in mind the big picture – less is best!